Community Movers

What is Community Movers?

Community Movers is a new scheme which offers 1-2-1 support to help you take the first steps towards an active and healthy lifestyle. We understand that it can be daunting to begin an exercise programme so we have developed a simple step by step approach which will support you to achieve your goals. We will help you to fit enjoyable, affordable and sociable activity into your everyday life.

Am I eligible?

  • Are you over 16 years of age?
  • Do you live in the Ripley area?
  • Are you currently achieving less than 150 minutes per week of physical activity?
  • At risk of developing medical conditions?

How it works
Step 1: You will be invited to attend an informal 1-to-1 chat with a project officer to find out more about the programme. This will include a simple lifestyle/health assessment.
Step 2: If you decide that you would like to take part in the programme, a personal lifestyle plan will be developed based on your individual needs and goals.
Step 3: Your achievements will be continually tracked with the use of an activity diary and regular 1-to-1 contact with your project officer to ensure long term success.

Incentives such as 8 free community activity vouchers or subsidised leisure centre passes are offered.

To start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle, contact Amanda Gowing at or visit or phone 01773 570222 ext 2472


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